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 Grounding Working With Crystals

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PostSubject: Grounding Working With Crystals   Grounding Working With Crystals Icon_minitimeSat Sep 07, 2019 8:21 am

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Dispelling Negativity

Haematite - a shiny silver stone a bit like galena, but not. This stone has a strong grounding energy and a cooling but calming effect when held in your hand. Its aim is to develop strong concentration and focus.

Jet - Working almost like an energetic filter, Jet is a wonderful grounding stone that has intense purification and protection properties. Jet can also be helpful for those experiencing an overabundance of negative energies or emotions, and has traditionally been used as a stone to alleviate grief. Wearing jet it helps soothe your soul from the loss of death, securing your belief in the knowledge that there is tangible evidence of spirit connecting through love in the communication and confirmation of life after death.

Lepidolite is a nurturing stone that is perfect to carry when life is overwhelming and stressful. It helps with self-acceptance, serenity, and finding grace in the midst of chaos.

Obsidian has a strong grounding energy, keeping you well grounded in this realm and in reality. It is very good for deep meditation because of this attribute. Obsidian is a very protective stone, guarding against negativity from others and yourself. Blue Obsidian links with grounding, shielding and centering but is manmade stone.

Rose Quartz -the love, relationships and self-acceptance stone. A gentle and soft tender stone for nurturing the self.

Smokey Quartz is one of the premier grounding stones. Smoky quartz is an excellent stone for removing negativity and negative energy of any kind and transforming them to positive energy. It brings physical, protection, psychic protection and protection from negative energy.
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Grounding Working With Crystals
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