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 Love of the Self

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Love of the Self Empty
PostSubject: Love of the Self   Love of the Self Icon_minitimeFri Sep 06, 2019 10:04 pm

So how many of you out there have thought and felt that maybe you are not worthy of love? Whether it is because you haven't found it yet or if its because some other reason that has caused you to self-doubt yourself?

You need to let the old fearfulness that you aren't worthy go. Start now by learning to re-affirm your positive affirmations that you ARE Indeed worthy of the love that's out there in the universe, you are worthy of good self-esteem and love and utmost respect for yourself, regardless of what others might think or believe to you to be possible or impossible.

LOVE - true love is not built on the foundation of a connection alone. LOVE is build out of nurture, care, empathy and understanding from one soul unto another trusting in the pathway forwards of a mutual friendship or a relationship which may pave the way forwards into the future.

Indinstinctively, love is what is made up of romantic feelings however it can also be made up of acceptance of the self, flaws and all. To ensure that love is made up of all these factors, it really does depend on what you are looking for or not looking for until it finds you vice versa, love is what is bonded and worked on over time to find a fulfilling connection ever present between two people of the same wavelength of frequency and vibration.

What love is not

LOVE is not blanking, lack of communication, confused feelings, mixed messages, doubt, negative but verbal word sparring sessions, nor should it be a one sided feeling that can turn into a possessiveness/obsession or an addiction.

Love is a pure and higher vibration much like angelic light of healing. love is knowing the temperment of that person and getting to know them on a personal level with the foundation based on truth and trust accepting flaws of the person and all, love is based on strong foundation of mutual friendship and empathizing that a mutual respect and understanding is vital to encourage sentimental feelings of high regard and respect in learning about yourself in a way that not many people will recognize apart from yourself will know about. Love is a pureness of good intention and is often found along the way although not necessarily in high or low places where the journeys are well-met.
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Love of the Self
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