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MW - a friendly safe haven site about regular life and our path through life. Free to all that find us and wish to participate.
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 Declaration of Use

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Declaration of Use Empty
PostSubject: Declaration of Use   Declaration of Use Icon_minitimeWed Sep 04, 2019 8:55 pm

As a potential member starting out here at MysticWonderland, you agree to adhere to the following:-

Firstly, everyone on here has intuition and their own selection of gifts, innate abilities, but it is up to them to find out for themselves which path they lead or follow at their own pace and in their on time. Everyone on site has free will and freedom of choice, we hope that you will treat them out of respect as to how you would like to be respected yourselves. With that said, we are aware that while there is negativity out there in the world, we hope that you do not bring it into our community and home. This home is spring cleaned often and regular when founding members can do so at her own time and pace.

As a Member you are welcome to post and are encouraged to share your experiences, teach, guide, share what you know. New knowledge as well as old knowledge is more than welcome to be taught or faciliated here.

DO NOT spam, troll, cause trouble through your ego, or disrupt the peaceful environment that we have here. We are not mind readers nor do we like to be tested on our skills to connect. We are just us but distant healing, mind body and spirit, psychic mediumship, magickal and peaceful seekers of the path to help humanity and the world we live in today.

This network is to be seen as a supportive and a gentle reminder that with every winter, spring is around the corner and with that brings a new chapter and new beginnning.

We ask that you also abide by our reader guidelines IF you are a reader. Reading posts are open to anyone who wishes to read, there are no designated readers here. Everyone has reading abilities or healing abilities; therefore it is up to them whether they wish to proceed down this path they've chosen or to stay in the comfort blanket of their own journey.

Healing posts are also open to anyone that has good intentions and is not likely to get caught up in the energy exchange or manipulation of guiding healing energy through that isn't good and can be hindering to the path. Readers and Healers are indeed scouted first for their ability to work with spirit and heal vice versa, whether distant healers or hands on practice.

Make sure you have good intention if you are drawn to this work and check it frequently.

NEVER read if you are feeling bogged down with emotion or under the weather.

*Never take drugs or alcohol just to read or get something - this is harmful to you.

*Respect that everyone has free will and freedom of choice and their own set of beliefs.

*Respect that the reading and or healing session can be stopped at ANY time according to sitter or clientele's request.

*Do not cold read or work with what you know. Work with first thoughts and what you don't know.

*Detox or Smudge frequently because even auras can get heavy and weighted.

*Keep your own personal energy grounded and protected. Its not the dead we are worry of but the living.

*Have a glass of water by your workspace to ensure this takes place and grounds you further for if you feel light-headed.

*Always seek help from doctor or professional medic, if you are in doubt or at risk.

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Declaration of Use
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